All of us have friends who are expert needlers, giving us the business about any misstep in life. While their utterances can be amusing, there is another type of needling that is actually beneficial — microneedling at Deschutes.

At Deschutes we use the Rejuvapen microneedling system for treatment of wrinkles and scars. The procedure is technically called percutaneous collagen induction therapy.

How does microneedling work?

The concept behind microneedling is to create a response in the body that is the same as when the body receives a wound. When the skin is injured the body rapidly gets to work repairing it. In addition to the platelets that close the wound off from any more blood loss, the body is also rebuilding the skin by producing new collagen and elastin for the area. Collagen is responsible for the skin’s support, keeping it firm and tight. Elastin makes the skin supple.

In Rejuvapen microneedling, 12 tiny needles are located in the tip of the microneedling pen. When used over the target area, the needles produce microscopic holes/channels down into the skin. These heal in just a few hours, but the body perceives them as injuries and elevates collagen and elastin production in the area to compensate.

This has two benefits. First, it stimulates the healing response. Second, these short-lived channels down into the skin are great for the application of topical gels and creams to penetrate below the surface of the skin.

What do we treat with microneedling?

  • Fine lines and deep wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, and forehead
  • Deep lines and crepe-like texture across the face can be firmed
  • Coarse, sun-damaged skin
  • Acne, burn, and surgical scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Overly large pores

We use a topical numbing cream prior to your treatment, so you feel no pain. And your recovery is minimal.

Interested in addressing some of those fine lines and skin issues? Call us at [primary_phone] and let’s talk about microneedling.