Do you bill insurance?

We bill insurance on your behalf with payment due according to the provider contract. We cannot provide information about individual policy benefits. We are contracted with several insurance carriers, but may not be contracted with your individual plan or group. You will need to contact your carrier directly to determine if we are contracted with them and that our facility is on your provider network. Insurance claims are submitted with the understanding that you are responsible for any non-covered services, copayments, and deductibles. A current insurance card must be presented prior to services being rendered. Any office visit or surgical copay is due at the time of service.

Will my insurance cover cosmetic procedures?

Cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance plans. Please be prepared to pay without insurance at the time of service. Deschutes Dermatology Center will never bill insurance for any cosmetic procedure or skin care product.


Do you accept CareCredit?

We are pleased to offer our patients the CareCredit card for surgical dermatology procedures. CareCredit lets you begin your treatments immediately, and then pay for it over time with convenient monthly payments that fit into your budget. This ensures that you don’t have to save up for years to finally get the treatments you need. APPLY FOR CARE CREDIT

What is your late policy?

We have a 10-minute late policy at Deschutes Dermatology. If a patient is more than the allotted 10 minutes late, we reserve the right to shorten or reschedule the appointment, if needed, so as not to inconvenience other patients. There is a $50 fee for missed office visits without 24-hour notification.


How do I get my prescription refilled?

Please contact your pharmacy to request your prescription refill, even if the label on the medication container says there are no remaining refills. If our providers feel it is necessary or if you have not been seen within the last year, your pharmacy will be notified that you need to schedule a refill appointment.


We are asking that all patients, both new and existing, update their paperwork to ensure that we have the most current and accurate data. You may either print and complete the Patient Packet at home to save time, or you can come in 15-20 minutes before your appointment to fill out the paperwork.


“I am so pleased with the service and the results that I have received from Deschutes Dermatology. They are very professional, yet extremely caring and I have felt that they provide me with the best treatment for my particular situation. I truly appreciate the way they have been willing to work with me over time to achieve the results that we both want. I am their ‘Happy Patient.’ Thank you.”


“For the first time in over twenty years I am comfortable being seen in public without makeup save lip gloss and a little mascara. Early in 2013 I elected to have Dr. Carter do the DOT laser therapy on my face. While the immediate outcome of the treatment was somewhat invasive (as Dr. Carter shared with me well in advance) the results are phenomenal!!!! I’ve literally watched the tone and texture of my face improve in the months following. That combined with the Exilis procedure to tighten the area around my jaw has given me a new found confidence about my appearance.My very skeptical husband has put the knowledge to the test on more than one occasion and each time they have assuaged his fears and concerns. They are professional, caring and very intuitive to the needs of their clients.”


“Hi Team: Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help and advice over the past couple of years with regard to my skin care. Having had problems with redness and a lot of brown spots, because of the time spent in the sun in my younger years, I had a complexion I was not happy with. With the products and the IPL treatment you suggested, my complexion improved.You also recommended the Dot Laser. I couldn’t believe my beautiful skin afterwards and I have received so many compliments on my complexion. I also enjoy coming to you for the peels you offer. This really does keep my skin glowing and feeling good. The peel of the month is a great bargain and it’s fun to try the different peels. I like that you keep on top of all the latest skin treatments and enjoy hearing about them. Many thanks,”

“I enjoyed your “scapel-side” surgery manner!! I also appreciated the professionalism and competency of your team!! Again a giant THANKS!”
“Deschutes Deramtology has been my “go to” place for skin cancer check-ups for years but then a few years ago a good friend told me I just HAD to see Dr. Carter about a procedure she had done. She looked great! Long story short, Dr. Leslie Carter did a procedure on me called DOT Laser. The results were more than remarkable. Honestly, people have told me I look 20 years younger. It has done so much for my confidence and overall self-perception. Plus, they took great care of me pre, post and during procedure. Would I do this again? Absolutely!!!”

Mollie H

“I never knew growing older could be so manageable until I met Patty Trapnell! I didn’t want to age without a fight, but I was completely clueless about how to proceed with treatments to fight my aging skin. Patty has the secret recipe. She knows how to keep me looking youthful, without looking fake or plastic. She takes so much ownership in what she does, and she always is so caring with follow up. She also creates a skin treatment plan for me that allows me to always look my best, without spending entire savings. She’s the best!”

Sondra B

“I’ve been a patient of Patty Trapnell’s for the past 8 years because I believe she is the very best at what she does. Patty has enormous integrity and such a high standard of professionalism, while also being kind and caring. She is so talented in the art of beauty. Patty has zeroed in on what works for my skin. She has addressed may problems with my skin, but most meaningful was help with an old scar, something I’ve always felt profoundly embarrassed over, and the results were absolutely phenomenal. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Patty!”


Please schedule a full consultation with our office to decide which service is the best option for you. During the appointment, you and your provider will discuss medical history, benefits and expectations.