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Surgical dermatology manages the diagnoses and disorders of the skin and adjacent tissues using various surgical techniques. A skin condition can involve the superficial layer of dermis or advance deeper to layers of muscle or fat. Each procedure is unique and individual to the concern. Surgical procedures are often performed to remove suspicious skin lesions, unwanted moles, and skin cancers of all types. We also commonly remove cysts and growths, revise scars, and repair torn or stretched earlobes.

Skin Cancer | Cysts | Scar Revison | Lipomas | Earlobe Repair | Suspicious Skin Lesions

Surgical dermatology procedures are completed with routine, in-office procedures done under local anesthesia, unless otherwise noted, allowing you to return to normal activities as soon as possible.

The physicians at Deschutes Dermatology routinely perform dermatologic surgeries and are prepared to serve you with efficiency and care.

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