Microneedling Your Way to Better Skin

Cosmetic Dermatology Bend ORIf you’re reading this blog from Dr. Carter and her team at Deschutes, you know that collagen is what we all want. Collagen is the protein in the body that is responsible for providing support and structure to the skin. It makes our skin firm, yet supple. The problem is that as we age our body produces one percent less collagen every year after we turn 20. Bogus. That’s why older skin is more loose, wrinkles easier, and loses volume in areas such as the cheeks.

The goal of many procedures is to kick start our collagen production. Microneedling, also known as percutaneous collagen induction therapy, is one of those non-invasive procedures. Microneedling creates thousands of microscopic micro-injuries in the skin that triggers a wound response from the body. The response? Increased collagen production at the treatment areas.

At Deschutes we use the Rejuvapen microneedling system for treatment of wrinkles and scars.

How does microneedling work?

The concept behind microneedling is to trigger a wound response and increased collagen production. When the skin is injured the body rapidly gets to work repairing it. In addition to the platelets that close the wound off from any more blood loss, the body is also rebuilding the skin by producing new collagen and elastin for the area.

At Deschutes, we use the Rejuvapen system, which has 12 tiny needles located in the tip of the microneedling pen. When used over the target area, the needles produce microscopic holes/channels down into the skin. These heal in just a few hours, but the body perceives them as injuries and elevates collagen and elastin production in the area to compensate.

This has two benefits. First, it stimulates the healing response. Second, these short-lived channels down into the skin are great for the application of topical gels and creams to penetrate below the surface of the skin.

What do we treat with microneedling?

  • Fine lines and deep wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, and forehead
  • Deep lines and crepe-like texture across the face can be firmed
  • Coarse, sun-damaged skin
  • Acne, burn, and surgical scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Overly large pores

We use a topical numbing cream prior to your treatment, so you feel no pain. And there isn’t really any recovery time, just some redness on the treated areas for a day or so.

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Microblading Isn’t for Our Bike Trails

Microblading Bend, ORAround here pretty much everyone uses the bike trails, many with inline skates, aka Rollerblades. You may think that the term microblading is all about those rolling wheels.

Alas, you’d get that question wrong on Jeopardy!

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent make-up used to create fuller, more defined eyebrows.

What is microblading?

Not everyone can have eyebrows like Leonid Brezhnev, one of the last rulers of the USSR (look him up!). But many of us have eyebrows that are beyond wimpy. Microblading is a form of tattooing where the pigment is implanted within the skin using a manual, handheld tool instead of a tattooing mechanical pen.

How is microblading done?

We have a microblading pro at Deschutes, Tara McKenna. Tara draws delicate, individual hair-like strokes that mimic the existing hairs in the patient’s brows. Tara’s skills and technique create a very natural, pleasing look. This is night and day better when compared with traditional permanent make-up that often makes for eyebrows that look gray and artificial.

Would microblading be a good thing for me?

Microblading is great for convenience and simplicity. You can benefit if:

  • You want the convenience of perfect brows every day without any effort.
  • You’ve lost much of your eyebrow hair density due to aging, genetics, illness, or overplucking or waxing.
  • Your vision has decreased, making it difficult to apply make-up to your eyebrows.

How long does it take?

Microblading requires two appointments. The first appointment lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, the second between 30 and 60 minutes.

How long will it take for my results to show?

Immediately after your microblading session, the pigment will be very sharp and dark, and you’ll think it is way too strong. Not to worry. This is simply because the pigment is still very high in the skin. It settles in, and the pigment softens. This takes around one month. At that point, you return for your second appointment, and Tara makes any adjustments or touch-ups that you want.

How long does it last?

Microblading doesn’t place the ink as deeply as a tattoo, so the results are not permanent. Your results will usually last from one to two years, and then a touch-up session will probably be needed.

Want to say goodbye to your wimpy eyebrows? Call us at Deschutes, 541-330-0900, and ask about microblading.