How does tattoo removal work?

At Deschutes Dermatology, we offer laser tattoo removal in Bend, OR for women and men who want to get rid of their unwanted tattoos. Tattoo removal utilizes thermal energy from Q-Switch lasers to break down ink pigment particles which the body then absorbs. Both black ink and colored ink tattoos can be removed.


Who can benefit from tattoo removal?

Men or women with unwanted tattoos can benefit from laser treatments. Tattoos can be removed from any skin tone. Our team will perform an analysis of the skin around the area and ask you several questions so we can personalize your laser tattoo removal in Bend, OR.


Can I get a tattoo removed anywhere on the body?

We can remove a tattoo anywhere on the body.


Is tattoo removal painful?

There’s no denying that tattoo removal is uncomfortable. Many patients say it is no more painful than getting the tattoo in the first place. At Deschutes Dermatology, we use a numbing solution to help with the pain during your laser tattoo removal in Bend, OR. Proper aftercare of the area is imperative to avoid infection and our team will provide you with a list of instructions following your treatment.

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What will my skin look like afterward?

There are different options for laser removal. Rather than removing all the ink in your tattoo, you can lighten it enough so that you can get another more desirable tattoo. Alternatively, if you do remove all the ink from the unwanted tattoo, there may be slight scarring or white discoloration. You can avoid the risk of scarring by paying close attention to aftercare recommendations including protecting the area from the sun and resisting scratching and itching.


How much does tattoo removal cost?

Tattoo removal cost depends on the size and ink color of the tattoo and the number of laser procedures necessary to achieve your treatment goal. During your consultation at Deschutes Dermatology, we will examine the tattoo and provide you with an estimate for the cost of your tattoo removal in Bend, OR.


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