Acne is incredibly common, even in adults. So if you thought that growing out of your teenage years would also mean that you’d no longer have acne, think again. Regardless of your age, you deserve beautiful skin!

To choose the best course of action to reduce your acne, consider the cause. Perhaps your diet, daily medications, and activities affect your skin more than you think. Some factors may be in your control, so it’ll be up to you to decide if altering your lifestyle is worth reducing your acne.

Consider the following list of common causes:

Eating too much dairy – Greasy foods and chocolate aren’t the culprits like you may have thought. Dairy and other food products with a high glycemic index have been shown to cause acne. (But avoiding greasy foods couldn’t hurt your health either!)

Using irritating cosmetics – Most products on the market were developed to not cause acne. However, your skin is different than anyone else’s skin. When you’re buying makeup, lotions, or shampoos, read the labels for ingredients that have a history of irritating your skin.

Washing your face too often – You may think that cleaning your skin more will help you avoid acne. But too much exposure to water dries out your skin, making it more susceptible to developing acne.

Taking certain mediations – You’ll likely not be able to change the medication you take entirely, but your doctor may have other options for you to try. If you’re taking corticosteroids, lithium, or a barbiturate, consider other options if possible.

Maintaining constant contact with your skin – If you play a sport that involves chin straps, helmets, or fitted clothing, your skin can become irritated especially when you sweat. Exercise is great! But be sure to take care of your skin when you’re done.

Experiencing constant stress – Stress can either cause or exacerbate acne. In an effort to both reduce acne and live a happier life, start trying exercises that will minimize stress.

As a side note… if your face does break out, avoid touching the area. It’ll make the breakout worse!

Acne may still develop even if all of these common causes are eliminated. But we’re confident that addressing these causes will help in some way. Let us know if you have any other questions about severe acne.