Chemical peels in Bend, OR can be the solution to those unwanted fine line and wrinkles. The face may appear worn out and lifeless with the pressures of daily life, but thanks to chemical peels, it can go back to its youthful-looking appearance in no time. Here are the things to expect before, during, and after the procedure.

What happens before a chemical peel?

You have to undergo a consultation with your dermatologist where your complete medical history is taken. During this time, be sure to give your dermatologist a heads-up if you are prone to cold sores or scar easily. These conditions could affect the outcome of a chemical peel procedure tremendously. After the interview, your dermatologist assesses your skin to identify which type of chemical peel suits your condition.

What happens during a chemical peel?

Superficial and medium-deep types of chemical peels can be performed in a dermatology clinic or the outpatient department. In the case of deep peels, general anesthesia may be applied to the patient while heart monitoring equipment may be prepared.

What happens after a chemical peel?

Noticeable results appear during the next 14 days after the procedure. Your dermatologist will give you follow-up care instructions, which includes proper washing of your face and skin protection from sun exposure. Excessive sun exposure and smoking can cause undesirable effects to a patient who just had a chemical peel, including scarring and infection. This is why it is best to consult an expert to guide you even after the treatment.

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