Are you tired of the wrinkles and fine lines on your face? What about showing the effects of ageing in general? Botox may be the answer you’ve been searching for!

For many years now, Botox provides fantastic anti-ageing results. We know that you want to look and feel younger. That’s why we’ve incorporated Botox treatments into our practice.

Botox, a dermal filler, is injected into the facial tissue to paralyze the muscles and smooth wrinkles and fine lines. But that’s not all that Botox can provide for patients. The treatments provide a few additional benefits, including the following:

No Surgery – Facelift surgery might be too much of a commitment right now. Not to worry! You have another option. Botox can provide similar results non-surgically. For optimal results, Botox injections should be scheduled every four to six months. Perhaps surgery is a good option in the future. But for now, Botox can make your skin appear younger.

Brow Lift – A brow lift is yet another surgery that you may not be ready to have. But the brow is nearly just as important to maintain if you want to have a youthful appearance. The brow naturally droops as you age. As you may have already realized, keeping your eyes wide open contributes to looking younger. There’s no need to look tired with a sagging brow. Botox can lift the brow (without surgery) to add to your positive Botox results.

Sweat Reduction – While this benefit isn’t a direct result of facial treatment, Botox injected into the armpit can reduce sweat production. Sweating too much can be an embarrassing situation. Let Botox solve yet another health problem.

Migraine Relief – Botox treatment to relieve frequent migraines is becoming more and more popular. Patients that have Botox injections regularly report less frequent and less severe migraines. What better way to become more comfortable both in regards to feeling pain and boosting your self-confidence.

Doctors with more experience and proven results can help you attain the most success with your treatment. Be sure to choose your doctor wisely.

We’d be happy to answer any further questions you have about Botox. Come and see us!