While each person has different triggers that will spur their rosacea, there are some triggers that you might want to avoid. This blog will help you be aware of foods that commonly act as rosacea triggers and help you be aware of how you can discover your own personal triggers.

It’s Time to Quit
Smoking and alcohol are common rosacea triggers. If you suffer from rosacea and are a smoker, it’s time to finally cut back and eliminate cigarettes from your life. Alcohol is also a important to cut back on, especially types such as beer, vodka, bourbon, gin, and even champagne.

Cut Back on the Romance
No, having a nice romantic evening in shouldn’t cause your rosacea to flair up—unless, that is, you are sharing some red wine and chocolate with your significant other. As sad as it is, these two romantic symbols are very common rosacea triggers, so stay away if you want your skin to stay calm for the big night.

Turn Down the Heat
Foods that are hot, both thermally and in their spice palates, are more likely to cause a flare up. This includes hot drinks as well. This means you may want to stay away from the Indian and Thai food—and the Mexican and the Chinese. Soy sauce is also off limits.

But I Thought That Was Healthy?
There are so many foods, including dairy, avocados, spinach, various types of beans, citrus fruits, eggplant, tomatoes, raisins, bananas, and many, many more that have been heavily associated with rosacea. In short, anything and everything could cause it, especially when individual factors come into play.

Discover Your Own Triggers
While this is a good list of foods that may trigger your rosacea, it is nowhere near complete. For example, you might be able to eat some of the above foods without a problem, whereas something on this list might give you the worst reaction of all. Your skin condition is a very personal thing, and therefore we can’t give you a list of what will or will not make your skin red and itchy.

You can, however. Keep a food diary and track it along with your rosacea. If you notice a trend that some food is causing or contributing to your flares, cut that out of your diet.