Warts are a common skin problem that can be treated in various ways. But if you are still hesitant to go under the knife to get rid of them, there are home remedies that you can give a try. They have worked for other people; it should work on you too, right?

Learn a thing or two from these tips and tricks in getting rid of persistent warts, keeping them from spreading, or preventing them from coming back.

  • Crush a few vitamin C tablets and mix them with water, just enough to turn it into a paste. Dab the finished product into your wart and cover the area with a tape or bandage. The acid in vitamin C may help keep the wart away as well as get rid of the virus itself.
  • After washing, be sure to let the area where the wart is dry immediately. The virus seems to easily spread to someone else when the warts are often left wet.
  • Avoid scratching or picking at your warts. Your hand can easily spread the virus to other parts of your skin if you keep on scratching or picking them.
  • Apply a freshly-crushed garlic on the surface of the wart and then cover the area with bandage. Garlic has a caustic effect that helps in causing the wart to blister and eventually fall off in about a week or less. Apply a newly-crushed garlic each day, yet avoid spreading it to the healthy surrounding skin.
  • Soak a cotton ball or a compress in vinegar. Place it on the wart and tape it down with an elastic bandage. Do so for at least an hour or two every day.

If warts seem to be persistent despite the application of various home remedies, consider warts treatment here at our Bend, Oregon dermatology practice. Give us a call at [primary_phone] to schedule a consultation with board-certified dermatologist Dr. Carter today.