These days there are more medical spas (or “med spas”) offering cosmetic services to their customers. So, why should you choose your dermatologist over a spa for a cosmetic skin care procedure?  Good Question!

Nobody knows your skin better than your dermatologist. At Deschutes Dermatology, you’ll always receive the same types of cosmetic and rejuvenation procedures you’d find at a med spa, but from board-certified or board-eligible medical doctors with specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases. This is important.  Plus, every procedure is an FDA-approved, established treatment and performed in a medical facility. A medical professional will also address any follow up care you may require.  This is not only invaluable, it is something you can feel safe and confident about as you make present and future decisions about the care of your skin.

Even if your skin care needs are simply aesthetic, we  provide virtually any and every treatment a med spa can—with greater expertise.  Rest easy knowing your skin care needs are being met by professionals with the knowledge and background  to give you the care you deserve.

Feel good about the skin you’re in.

Deschutes Dermatology