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Cysts are a very common type of abnormal growth. In many cases, cysts are not dangerous or harmful. However, there are cysts that can be painful and cause discomfort or that may be more concerning to your overall health. for these cases, our team at Deschutes Dermatology offers cyst removal for patients in Bend, OR.

What are cysts?

Cysts are growths that develop under the skin like a small sack or balloon containing fluid or semisolid dead skin cells. This often have an opening that connects to the surface of the skin where fluid or material can be drained. This drainage is usually quite foul-smelling. Once cysts are formed, they rarely resolve on their own.

Where can cysts form?

It can develop in any area of your body. They can develop due to piercings, infections, or clogged sebaceous glands. It can also form due to tumors, defective cells, parasites, injuries, and chronic inflammatory conditions. Cysts can be of different varieties. Their size and shape can be different. Huge cysts can dislocate internal organs. A majority of them are benign and do not cause much harm. In rare cases, they can be cancerous.

Why should cysts be removed?

Cysts are often not troublesome and, as long as they do not cause any cosmetic or functional problems, they do not require treatment. However, in cases when they are painful, growing, inflamed, ruptured, or become infected, removal is recommended.


Some people ignore their cysts. But they may require treatment if they are infected or if they cause pain or discomfort. People may also choose to get it removed if they affect their external appearance.

Cysts do not cause any special symptoms. When the cysts are external, a person can feel them beneath his skin. Internal cysts do not cause any symptoms. Only an ultrasound, MRI or CT scan can detect them. Brain cysts may cause headaches. Breast cysts can also be painful.
The association of malignant tissue with a cyst can be determined by needle biopsy. Needle biopsy is occasionally used to reduce the size of the it.

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What are methods used for the treatment or removal of cysts?

Cysts should not be squeezed or popped at home as it may cause them to enlarge or get infected. Small cysts do not require treatment. Some of it can be infected or contain malignant cells. Some others become so large that they interfere with body functions or give an ugly external appearance. In these cases, it need to be treated.

Injections – Inflamed cysts may be injected with anti-inflammatory cortisone to minimize the inflammation.

Aspiration – In this case, a needle is used to drain the contents of the cyst. After aspiration, a steroid drug may be injected into the cyst to calm inflammation.

Incision and drainage – To facilitate drainage, a small incision is made on the top of the cyst and its contents are expressed. This process is relatively easy, but it often recur when treated this way.

Excision – This technique is used to remove the entire cyst wall to prevent its recurrence. This method is the most effective one that can be used, but only when the lesion is not inflamed. If there is inflammation, the cyst is first treated with antibiotics, anti-inflammatory steroids, or incision, and drainage.

Most cyst removal procedures are outpatient surgeries. The recovery time depends on the procedure and the health of the patient. You may be asked to avoid physically demanding work for a week. Also, you have to keep your wound covered with a dry bandage. You may also be given oral antibiotics, medicines, or creams for wound healing. Some patients may require pain medications after cyst removal.

How much does cyst removal cost?

The cost of your cyst removal in Bend, OR will depend on the type of treatment performed and other potential factors. Our team can answer any questions you may have regarding price and payment options during your consultation.

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