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What are platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) injections?

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is the second generation of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and the injections are used to rejuvenate skin. PRF injections are made from your own blood and a protein matrix called fibrin. Once harvested, it becomes a gel made up of a high concentration of white blood cells, fibrin, and stem cells (growth factors).

How do PRF injections work?

Platelet-rich fibrin injections help stimulate healing. This specific platelet mixture helps build tissue, as fibrin is known to stimulate stem cells which improve collagen and elastin in the skin. PRF can help make the skin heal at the cellular level as fibrin responds positively to an injury.

Who can benefit from PRF injections?

PRF injections are safe for anyone who wants more youthful-looking skin. PRF injections are also used to stimulate hair growth; therefore they may be a valid treatment for those suffering from hair loss. They are also used to help wounds with healing, which is why PRF injections are being used in the dental industry as well.

What does a PRF treatment entail?

PRF treatments are done over a six to eight-week period. Longer-term effects will take treatments over three to four months that typically last six to twelve months. PRF treatments entail harvesting of your own blood which becomes a gel after 15-20 minutes when it is then re-injected into the problem area.

What areas of the face respond best to PRF injections?

PRF treatments are commonly used to help fill creases around and under the eyes, around the mouth, and the temples.

How much do PRF injections cost?

Cost is based on the number of PRF injections used to achieve your final treatment goal. Since the total number of injections and the total number of treatment sessions vary between patients, so does cost. During your consultation at our office, we will examine you and give you an estimate.

Is PRF filler safe?

While the FDA doesn’t approve platelet-rich treatments, they have support in the medical dermatology community. Many doctors have seen great success with the healing properties of PRF and PRP injections.