A lot of women may be considering laser hair removal. Who wouldn’t want to have flawless, hair-free skin that you don’t need to tweeze and shave over and over again? The idea of laser hair removal could be promising, but before considering it, know that some people may not get the same results like others do.

Your skin type is a factor.

The result of a laser hair removal procedure varies and depends on the patient’s skin tone. For example, people with light skin will have the best results from any form of laser hair removal. Meanwhile, those with medium to dark skin may still have good results depending on their hair color. Dark-skinned patients may not be happy with the outcome since the laser will find it hard to target dark pigments of the hair due to the already dark skin color.

Hair color can affect your results too.

Those with dark hair, may it be black or dark brown, are the easiest candidates to treat since the laser light is easily absorbed by hair with the most pigmentation. On the other hand, those with medium to light brown hair may need a few more follow-up treatments than usual. Candidates with light hair are typically the hardest to treat while those with white or grey hair will be almost impossible to treat.

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