Warts are tiny skin growths that commonly occur on the fingers or hands. Although they do not affect one’s healthy seriously, they could cause itchiness and pain . Warts may be treated with salicylic acid or other medical procedures such as cryotherapy. However, since these treatments do not destroy the virus, they do not guarantee that the warts won’t come back. Here at our dermatology practice in Bend OR, we provide patients with tips to prevent warts from coming back.

Lemon juice to your glass of water

When adding lemon extract to your water or your cup of tea, your body’s internal temperature is maintained at a certain pH that allows healthy bacteria to prosper in your body, instead of the harmful ones that thrive in environments that are more acidic.

Raw fruits and vegetables

As much as possible, eat raw versions of fruits and vegetables more than the cooked ones. The nutritional content of the uncooked ones contain many antioxidants that boost your immune system, ridding environmental toxins from entering the body. Specifically, dark produce like broccoli and berries are helpful as well as garlic, nuts, and seeds.

Daily dose of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential in boosting our immune system. This can be activated in your body through sun exposure or by taking Vitamin D supplements, if the weather does not allow it. It is also imperative to spend a lot of time outdoors and taking the chance to exercise as much as possible.

Too much caffeine is a no-no

Caffeine is responsible for the depletion of the vitamins and minerals inside your body. Other than that, it also dehydrates you. If you must drink a cup, you may drink 2 more glasses of water right after to compensate for the amount of water taken away by caffeine.

Boosting your immune system is one effective way to prevent recurring warts. To know more about how you can prevent it, book an appointment with us at Deschutes Dermatology Center by calling [primary_phone]. We look forward to hearing from you!