When you’re shaving your underarms and legs, don’t you feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day? You remember that movie, where he was sent by a TV station to cover Punxsutawney Phil coming out of his burrow to denote the start of spring? Well, after the first day he kept awakening every day thereafter and had to repeat the previous day.

That’s what shaving your legs and other areas with unwanted hair is like. You do it, scraping your skin, waxing, plucking, and then a couple weeks later you have to do it all over again…forever. Ugh!

Why not simply zap those hairs away like Luke Skywalker zaps the occasional stormtrooper? We can do that with our laser hair removal at Deschutes, and you’ll be rid of that hair permanently.

How laser hair removal works

Laser hair removal focuses on the hair follicles. Our lasers are very specific and target the hair in the individual follicles. The laser energy is then absorbed by the hair and travels down the shaft into the follicle. The light energy is converted to heat energy, which destroys or thoroughly damages the follicle, preventing it from growing hair.

Laser hair removal works the best on darker hair, as the laser can easily target the darker colors. Also, each hair on the body is in different phases of the growth cycle. The anagen phase, the growth phase, is the best time to zap the follicle, but not all of the hairs are in that phase of the cycle. For that reason, multiple treatments are necessary to fully eliminate the hair in an area. Although the treatment is permanent, a few hairs can rebuild the follicles and regrow hair, so periodic maintenance touchup treatments are sometimes necessary down the road.

After your treatment

You may experience redness and slight swelling on the treated areas for the first few hours after your procedure. If you want you can apply ice to the area, but this irritation quickly passes. Also, you’ll need to avoid sun exposure after treatment.

Your body will begin to push out the dead hair and the follicles. It will appear that the hair is still growing, but it will fall out in 7-10 days after treatment. During this time, you shouldn’t tweeze or wax, instead letting the follicles shed on their own.

Interested in ending your Groundhog Day of hair removal? Call us at Deschutes, [primary_phone] and let’s start zapping those unwanted hairs!