Although most cysts generally resolve on their own, sometimes it is necessary to have them removed. In such cases, the reason is often because they interrupt normal bodily function, or become infected. Though this is rare, it’s important when it does happen to find the right doctor to remove the cyst properly, without destroying the surrounding skin.

In central Oregon, many trust the caring hands that work at the Deschutes Dermatology Center. At Deschutes, we not only take great care in what we do for our patients, we use the latest research and tools to optimize our results.

Different Methods

One method of removing cysts includes injections of corticosteroids or triamcinolone into the growth to minimize inflammation.

When the cyst needs to be drained, the doctor will use aspiration – a needle being inserted into the cyst to drain it, then an msteroid being injected in to prevent re-growth.

When a cyst must be completely removed, total excision is used to remove it. However, this cannot be done when a cyst is inflamed. In this case it must be treated first with antibiotics and the above methods. A minimal excision can also be done to minimize scarring, depending on the situation and size.

Finally, laser therapy can be used to vaporize a cyst, often on more sensitive areas such as the face. Lasers give the least amount of scarring. This would be the easiest procedure to recover from, as well, since it does not involve incisions or sutures.

Whatever method you and your doctor decide on, remember to choose the right doctor who will carefully go through the procedure with you and give you the best care for the best results!