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Get skin treatments with less downtime and discomfort using SmartXide DOT skin resurfacing in Oregon. This treatment uses CO2 laser technology without removing large areas of the superficial skin layer, unlike traditional CO2 laser procedures. It improves the skin texture, rejuvenates facial skin, and treats wrinkles.

What Is SmartXide DOT Skin Resurfacing?

SmartXide DOT skin resurfacing uses fractioned laser technology that is safe for any part of the neck or face. It is even safe for use on areas as sensitive as the eyelids.

The treatment uses the Dermal Optical Thermolysis (DOT) CO2 laser system. Its laser setting can be adjusted to suit your skin and the desired results.

The DOT skin resurfacing treatment safely creates thousands of microscopic holes in the skin tissues without touching the surrounding healthy tissues. This allows your skin to heal faster with minimal overall damage compared to other laser rejuvenation methods.

Am I a Good Candidate for SmartXide DOT Skin Resurfacing?

The most suitable candidates for SmartXide DOT skin resurfacing are people with wrinkles and fine lines due to aging, sun damage, or smoking. It can be used on people with stretch marks and acne scarring. This laser treatment is safe for most skin types.

SmartXide DOT is not recommended for people with active acne, deep wrinkles, very dark skin, and sagging skin. It is not ideal for people who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a history of epilepsy.

Your SmartXide DOT Skin Resurfacing Consultation

Before laser resurfacing, we will discuss your medical history during a consultation. We will ask you about any medical conditions, current medications, past cosmetic procedures, and typical reactions to sun exposure. We will also conduct a skin exam and talk about your expectations regarding the procedure’s outcome.

During the consultation, we will ask you to stop taking certain medications to lessen the chance of complications. If you smoke, we will also ask you to stop smoking for two weeks before and after the treatment and to avoid sun exposure for around two months beforehand.

The Procedure

The SmartXide DOT skin resurfacing treatment usually lasts 90 minutes, creating thousands of minute perforations to stimulate collagen production and tighten the tissue. It improves skin texture and makes wrinkles, fine lines, and acne scars less visible.

The Recovery Process

You may see redness, peeling, and/or flaking within a few days to a week after the treatment. You may have up to 10 days of downtime. During recovery, you should reduce sun exposure, practice diligent aftercare as directed, and apply UV protection.

The results of the SmartXide DOT treatment will appear over a few weeks. A fresh skin layer appears during this period while your collagen production improves. You will get a rested, natural, and younger appearance. You can expect the skin resurfacing results to improve over the next few months.

The Cost of SmartXide DOT Skin Resurfacing

You will receive an estimate of the cost of SmartXide DOT laser treatment during your consultation. Its price may depend on the issues being treated, anesthesia fees, and other relevant fees.

Set Up a Consultation

Are you ready for fresher, younger-looking skin with SmartXide DOT skin resurfacing in Oregon? Avoid the longer downtime that comes with traditional laser treatments—contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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