Cysts Removal Bend, OR

What are cysts?

Cysts are lesions that are enclosed in sac-like structures with a distinct membrane that may contain fluids, semisolid materials, or even air. Once cysts are formed, they may sometimes be resolved on their own.

Why should cysts be removed?

Cysts are often not troublesome and, as long as they do not cause any cosmetic or functional problems, they would not require any treatment and can generally be left alone. However, in cases when they are inflamed, get ruptured, or acquire an infection, removal will be recommended by the doctor. Removal of cysts will depend upon their type and location.

What are methods used for the removal cysts?

Injections – Inflamed cysts may be injected with corticosteroids or triamcinolone acetonide to minimize the inflammation.

Aspiration – The doctor uses a needle to drain the contents of the cyst. An enzyme preparation may be injected into the cyst prior to aspiration to make the contents easier to remove, and then, after aspiration, a steroid drug may be injected into the cyst to prevent recurrence.

Incision and drainage – To facilitate removal of cysts, the doctor makes a small incision directly on the growth and expresses its contents. This process is relatively easy, but cysts often recur when treated this way.

Total excision – This technique calls for the removal of the entire cyst to prevent its recurrence. This method is the most effective one that can be used, but only when the lesion is not inflamed. If there is inflammation, the cyst is still first treated with antibiotics, steroids, or incision and drainage.

Minimal excision – This technique is the preferred alternative to total excision because it causes very minimal scarring. It involves the expression of the contents of the cyst through a small incision and then the total removal of the cyst wall through the same incision.

Laser therapy – Doctors may use carbon dioxide lasers to vaporize a cyst on the patient’s face and other sensitive areas. This technique is also effective when minimal scarring is desired.