Aesthetician Bend OR

CosMedix and Results Rx
Non-abrasive and purer ways to regenerate newer, fresher skin. Unlike many blister-inducing chemical peels, CosMedix and Results Rx use chirally correct chemical peels to stimulate healthy cell turnover.

Is a simple and safe way to exfoliate skin and remove fine vellus hair often known as “peach fuzz.”

Epilation and Extractions
Are the best way to remove persistent skin bumps caused by milia, sebaceous hyperplasia and other glandular conditions.

Extractions and Acne Surgery
Is our recommended course of action for anyone whose severe acne does not respond to topical treatments. This procedure may also be possible for acne scars.

Blu-U Therapy
Blu-U therapy is a unique blue light treatment that destroys the underlying bacterial cause of acne. Both forms of acne surgery encourage healing and result in clearer, smoother, brighter skin within a short time frame.

  • Eyebrow Waxing
  • Tinting
  • Chemical Peels